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They trust us ...

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Created for Fashion Lovers, our brand Obscur Paris is a pioneer and tend to integrate talented Fashion Designers by their talent not their wallet, in the ultra competitive world of Fashion.

Rich of an International garnished network in Fashion, Music, Art, Photography, Videography, Stylism etc. Be a part of the Fashion Revolution and join the First Parisian Luxury HighEnd Ready-to-Wear, NewCouture, HighEnd Streetwear International Collaborative Brand afiliated to a music label and a Parisian artist.

Let's make it grow together, realize great events in the World's Capital of Fashion, Participate to projects in Africa and everywhere in the world with our Artists Network, enjoy an unlimited amount of advantages.

Welcome to the OBSCUR Paris X FashionDivision International community, the first collaborative platform for Fashion and Art lovers!!!

We are recruiting our next Creative Director with all the advantages ruled by the French legislation, the most deserving will be selected and our International Fashion Schools partners will assist for the selection.


Register on https://www.fashiondivisionid.com/obscur-paris-creative-director-cont

The one of you participating will be members for one year and can enjoy all the advantages available on our website.




Selected Designers

Price Winner


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